Beauty & Spa Treatments in Pregnancy:

What to Avoid

Pregnancy is one of those times when you really need to take the weight off of your feet, and be pampered. Being stressed isn’t good for baby – so what better excuse than being pregnant for some nurturing me-time.

There are some things you’ll need to consider if you want to book in for a spa or salon treatment when you’re expecting – and not just the size of the towels and paper knickers!

What Should I Avoid When I’m Pregnant?

Don’t book in for body wraps, full body massages, scrubs or other body treatments for up to the first three months of your pregnancy.┬áMassage can be a great way to de-stress later in pregnancy.

Hair removal can be more painful when you’re pregnant because it can make your skin more sensitive, although on the whole, hair removal is safe. If you are having hair removal treatments, opt for waxing rather than bleach or chemical treatment, as your skin absorbs some chemicals. Electrolysis is not recommended either, because it’s not known how the electrical currents might affect the baby.

Make The Pregnancy Public!

Don’t be tempted to keep quiet about your pregnancy – sometimes even specialist pregnancy treatments are only recommended after the first 12 weeks.

In the first trimester, instead treat yourself to a facial, get your feet a pedicure (and you’ll enjoy this later on when you can’t reach them yourself, too) have a manicure, or a tension-busting neck and shoulder massage.

Later on in your pregnancy, you can book in for a special pregnancy massage and treatment – and make the most of being pampered while you’re doing all that hard work! We here are Bromley Body and Sole make an extra special fuss of pregnant clients, with tailored treatments that are designed to relax and de-stress expectant mums. What’s good for mum is good for baby, so as long as you’re careful, there’s no reason why you can’t carry on enjoying a spa treatment or two throughout your pregnancy.