Pregnancy can be tiring at the best of times, so why not take some time out to unwind and relax with our new Pregnancy Massage.

Your treatment will begin with our lower leg  and foot massage which combines exfoliation and massage to boost circulation and reduce water retention. Next, a gentle application of serums to target any stretch marks on your tummy helping to increase the skin’s elasticity and reinforce its strength.

With our expertise we will then use specialised massage techniques to relieve tension in your arms, back and shoulders. Finally, you'll enjoy a nourishing facial massage to enhance your already glowing complexion.

You’ll leave us feeling relaxed and utterly renewed. Prices are £45.

We offer pregnancy massage in Bromley, Chislehust, Beckenham, Sidcup and Croydon. You can book a massage by filling out our appointment form or by calling Jane on 0797 6211764.



Mums to be Pregnancy Pamper Pack

There are so many changes going on inside your body, that it’s hardly surprising if changes show on the outside, too. Apart from your bump, that is!

During pregnancy, you may develop:

Changes in the levels of hormones in your body, and changes to your immune system, are thought to be responsible.

Most of the skin changes that take place during pregnancy disappear after your baby is born.

Our pregnancy package will help minimise some of the changes in your skin

  • Dermalogica facial – to address any skin changes ie spots, dryness etc
  • Pregnancy Massage – to help with aches and pains caused by changes in your body, also help with hydrating the body  limiting itchiness, stretch marks
  • Pedicure – to include a foot and leg massage to help with any puffiness and to finish with a file and paint.

Cost £70.00 (normal price £105.00