I have been a waxologist in Bromley/Beckenham/Orpington/Chislehurst for many years. Waxing is probably one of the busiest treatments I provide. I would say its probably my favourite beauty treatment due to the fact my clients go away really happy with the results and often comment about the speed and their almost painfree experience Recently I met a guy who had booked an all over body wax with me, he hadn’t warned me that he was extremely hairy and so I was quite taken back when he removed his top to reveal his body hair – the hair was very dense to the point you couldn’t see his skin. I knew this appointment needed time and patience A two hour appointment turned into a five hour appointment, using hot waxes in areas I would usually use warm just so his pain was at the bare minimum. I wont lie, he did shed a tear, in fact at one point I felt quite choked for him as he must of been very uncomfortable. His tears were a response to the pain however this was only for a minute or two through out the entire appointment. Don’t get me wrong guys and girls, waxing has a sting but it doesnt last however for this chap pain is definitely going to be felt. Manscaping also had to be provided as the hair was long and I needed to see the growth direction for the best wax possible. This lad was brave, he was only 21 and had decided the hair had to go!! He didn’t seem nervous or scared of the pain, he was constantly smiling, up beat and made great conversation while enduring this lengthy operation. After three visits and quite a few hours he was hair free and said he felt much lighter BUT a little chilly. I really do hope I see him again. He has alot of courage and complained very little of the discomfort he must of been in. Unfortunately his hair will grow back however if he keeps up the waxing regularly he will eventually see finer, weaker hair that grows slower and less dense.

When you book your waxing appointment there are questions you should ask:-

1. Are you trained in intimate waxing and how long have you been waxing?

2. Do you use Hot Wax or Warm Wax?

4. Can I see past reviews.

5. Have you got a website?

These questions will help towards safeguarding you against inexperienced therapist and a poor quaity service.

Intimate wax in my opinion should only be performed with hot wax due to the sensitivity of this area. Warm wax pulls at the skin and hair whereas hot wax grips the hair and very little skin. Warm wax you are left sticky, sore and red. Hot wax leaves you smooth, very little red/soreness if any at all. I use Peron Rigot wax which is a high quality wax achieving fabulous results. For further information on these waxes please see www.perron-rigot.co.uk

The first time may be the most painful, but frequent visits will cut down the pain factor. Normally, you can come back every 2 – 4 weeks. After more visits, your hair will be thinner and finer.

My clients do come back time after time and to quote one of my male clients when I asked for a review ‘what a pleasure, Jane makes you feel very comfortable and I hardly noticed there was any waxing going on!! Very professional and friendly male waxing service’. A lovely review from a returning client.

Please see my testimonial page for more reviews from happy clients.